Product MedtecLIVE 2024

The protective packaging for sensitive and delicate products

What can nextPACK AG do for medical technology? We develop individual and customized protective packaging for your delicate and sensitive products from the medical industry.

In medical technology, the focus is on maximum transport and product protection: packaging must meet the specific requirements of the medical environment and be able to be adapted precisely. 

For this reason, the experts at nextPACK ensure an ideal combination of packaging and packaging accessories. A material mix of honeycomb cardboard, recycled PE foam and wood can be used for this. This mix of materials ensures maximum flexibility, stability and protection. 

Thanks to the lightweight materials, nextPACK can minimize the packaging weight and reduce the packing and transport effort and costs, for example in the logistics solution for spare parts for X-ray tubes or magnetic resonance tomographs and for medical optical devices. Industrial packaging or system packaging can be individually designed using 3D development software, samples can be created and optimized for series production.