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The Project- and Portfoliomanagement-Platform for pharmaceutical companies

In the pharmaceutical industry, the fast and efficient development of new drugs is a top priority. The innovative software platform cplace offers pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to accelerate, optimize and make their PPM more transparent.

Challenges of existing project management solutions

Many common project and portfolio management systems are difficult for users to operate. As a result, employees often have to resort to alternative, unofficial planning tools such as Excel. This "shadow IT" leads to a complex software landscape that IT departments are reluctant to see and also causes additional costs. It also makes reporting more difficult and impairs data quality. Advancing digitalization is further exacerbating these problems.

The PPM platform cplace eliminates these challenges by unifying planning worlds and optimizing data quality. The result is efficient and user-friendly project management.

These are the advantages of cplace as a PPM platform for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Accelerated market approvals
  • Increased efficiency in all processes
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Real-time reports based on up-to-date data
  • Improved collaboration along the value chain
  • Future-proof PPM software

Successful use in the pharmaceutical industry

Well-known companies such as Roche have successfully introduced cplace as a project and portfolio management platform. Roche, a market leader in the pharmaceutical industry, replaced its legacy PPM system and has been relying on cplace for more than three years.

The flexibility of cplace enables teams to develop customized solutions, make decision-making processes more transparent and establish new forms of collaboration.

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