Novelty MedtecLIVE 2024

The new generation of servo controls - Servo MoldControl SMC

The SMC with control panel offers an innovative operating concept with which all important parameters and functions are clearly displayed and accessible. Revised software and hardware make our latest generation an intuitive and seamless addition to any injection moulding application.

More efficiency | Can now also be edited while the injection moulding process is running.

More flexibility | More customised and granular configuration of parameters

More control | Optimum visualisation of your parameters and settings

Our control system for servomotors in injection moulds has been shaping the market for 10 years now - the intuitive operating concept and universal applicability have become established. Right from the start, our aim was to build a mobile and easy-to-use control system that can be adapted to different tasks and is based on standardised software.

We have gathered feedback and experience in numerous projects, which has now been incorporated into a new generation of the proven control system - for even more flexible, more efficient and more precisely controllable process control.

MoldControl is much more than just a version update with a new housing - it realises our vision of an all-round servo control unit without compromises.