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Sutures Packaging System

Compact, flexible, competitive and easy to handle: the convincing solution for packaging PGA sutures. For efficient processes leading to safe products.

Sutures Packaging System

Customers looking for an efficient and economical system will find a highly productive solution in this packaging line for PGA blisters.

The packaging system is particularly easy to handle and very economical, allowing you to benefit from short throughput times throughout the entire process.

Forming the pack, filling it with the product, labelling the pack and attaching the sterilization window are all carried out in an inline process. Additional components such as inline product inspection, pin hole detection and final OK/NOK handling optimize the manufacturing process and ensure maximum product quality. 

Our RL6 cutting and sealing machine is available for cutting off the packaging section with gas flushing window after sterilization. With this separate handling device, you can cut and seal the packaging precisely and efficiently to ensure that your products are optimally protected.

Cutting and Sealing Machine RL6

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