Silicone overmolded system solutions for optimum hygiene in the medical industry

To meet the hygienic and medical requirements for applications in the medical industry, ODU, a provider of connector systems, wants to offer a solution in which the industry benefits from a combination of the best feel, hygiene and resistance.

ODU intends to use its silicone overmold for this purpose, using it to connect the ODU connector to the certified silicone cable. In general, the manufacturer specializes in custom overmolding. The tools developed and manufactured by him for straight or angled versions are to be designed for sample, small series or large series production (depending on the application).

The silicone overmolds for medical applications are easy to clean and flexible, it says. They are also insensitive to extreme temperatures, according to the manufacturer. In addition, they are said to be neither peelable nor detachable even after the required autoclaving cycles (steam sterilization at up to 134 °C and 3,040 mbar) - biocompatibility with regard to cytotoxicity testing (outgassing) according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 is confirmed by an external testing laboratory, it adds.

The complex process of silicone overmolding enables an absolutely tight, yet flexible connection of the silicone cables to the connector and is matched to the specific material properties of the silicone cable.  

Any quantity and length

The manufacturer's silicone portfolio is said to include silicone cables from qualified suppliers and the necessary certifications, as well as other tests regarding surface properties, adhesion and cleaning, so that no further certification procedures are required on the part of the customer. 

Through appropriate cooperations, the manufacturer would always be able to offer the cable assemblies in consistent quality (for example, adhesion to cable sheathing) and already in small quantities - availability is to be ensured through factory stocking. So that customers do not have to limit themselves to predefined dimensions, the manufacturer wants to offer cable assemblies in any length (within the scope of the technical possibilities).

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