Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Rubber-metal composite parts for the heart-lung assist system CARDIOHELP

CARDIOHELP System is the world’s smallest portable heart-lung support system; it is equipped with especially developed state of the art consumable materials.

For the hoop guard, Maquet has opted for a co-operation with Kubo Tech AG. The primary function of Cardiohelp‘s blue hoop guard is to protect the device against shocks during transportation. Thus, one of the major requirements towards Kubo Form was the shock resistance. Moreover, the hoop guard needs to have a strong grip and to be inherently stable. The specific blue colour was another essential requirement. The homogeneity of the dyeing and the consistency of the colour throughout the different production badges was not an easy-to-reach goal. High abrasion resistance, excellent resistance against detergents and disinfectants as well as good fire resistance were some other criteria that had to be fulfilled. Last but not least, the hoop guard is an essential design element of the device and therefore has to meet high esthetical standards.

Thanks to its longstanding expertise in the manufacturing of rubber-metal composite parts, Kubo Tech AG succeeded in meeting all these high expectations with a special NBR/PVC compound.