Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Rotary solenoids (also bistable)

Rotary solenoids are on-off actuators for defined rotary movements; they are reset via a spring; bistable rotary solenoids can move actively in both directions and are particularly suitable for dynamic applications such as shutters and sorting systems or when heating is critical.

The following properties should be emphasized for our standard rotary solenoids with spring return:

  • Angle of rotation up to 25° / 35° / 45° / 67.5° / 95° (depending on type)
  • Torque up to 13Nm (initial torque without spring)
  • Long service life: up to >50 million operations
  • Fast response time: switching times < 5ms possible
  • Mounting via threaded rods
  • Many standard options: Shaft ends on both sides, return spring, dust cover, mounting holes in the rotatable armature plate
  • Various winding options enable adaptation to a wide range of voltages (e.g. 12V, 24V, 48V, ...) for different load situations (allocation in the specific data sheets via tables)
  • Option for reduced noise due to special cover for the rotary solenoids.

The most important features of bistable rotary solenoids are

  • Rotation angle up to +/-55° around the center position
  • Optional end stops (required in the customer application!)
  • Torque up to 0.5Nm
  • Long service life due to the use of ball bearings
  • No linear movement
  • Fast response time: switching times of less than 5ms possible
  • Low temperature increase due to short switching pulses
  • optional: viscous damping with ferro-fluids: smooth movement, gentle mechanical stops, less switching noise