Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Precision in metal, resin and ceramic: our versatile solutions for medical applications

We provide world-class ultra-high precision machined parts of metal, resin and ceramic. We also specialize in manufacturing small-diameter metal tubes (from 0.05 Φ) of various materials. Our all-in-one packaged software offers full functionality for medical checks.

High Precision Machined Parts:

  • We specialize in machining of tiny, thin and complex shaped precision parts for medical device including endoscope, heart pacemaker and so on. Our products are traceable from the materials based on the ISO standards (ISO 13485, ISO 9001, JIS Q 9100).

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Innovative Metal Tubing:

  • Our high-precision metal tubes and pipes includes irregular tubes for various specifications such as square, elliptical and bent pipes. We are also available for tubes in small diameter (from 0.05 Φ) and various materials including hard-to-cut materials.

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All-in-one packaged software: Medical Checkup NAVI:

  • Our Medical Checkup NAVI provides a wide range of functions including reservation, results input, report generation, time-series data management, linkage with other software, billing and statistics generation. It also features customizability.

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