Novelty MedtecLIVE 2024

Paperless and precise - the new digital inspection tool at Majesty

With digital inspection data capture, you enhance efficiency and precision in incoming goods inspection and quality assurance. Measurement data is captured and checked directly in digital form without additional interfaces.

Digital inspection data capture in Majesty

Majesty has developed an innovative tool for digital inspection data capture for incoming goods inspection and quality assurance. This tool enables direct digital capture of measurement data and is seamlessly integrated into Majesty's web terminal.

Users are guided step-by-step through the measurement process, with data either directly transferred from the digital caliper or entered manually. The Majesty ERP checks in real-time whether the measurements are within the tolerance limits, increasing the accuracy of quality control and minimizing human errors.

The digital inspection data capture significantly reduces paper consumption, making it both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. The tool is easily accessible through integration into the web terminal and requires no complicated installation. The user-friendly interface allows for efficient work and simplifies the tracking of quality data through centralized digital storage.