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Pantostamp together to compete

Pantostamp is a leading Italian company in design and manufacture Multicavities tool for high volume production for Pharma, Medical and Dispensing market.

Pantostamp works with the pharmaceutical, medical and spray industry with the production of molds for components for pumps and dispensers. This sector requires high precision of realization, given the complexity and the reduced size of some products. The molds for this sector must also be able to work in highly aseptic environments such as cleanrooms.

Thanks to the continuous research, Pantostamp use the most suitable steels and surface coatings so that the molds can be used without the use of greases or lubricants. Pantostamp always supplies the mold with a series of spare parts of the most delicate components, also keeping stock ready for shipment.

Another peculiarity that requires this sector and held by us in strong consideration, is the long duration of the molds due to the high work rates, very fast cycles time and the production of millions of pieces. 

The molds that Pantostamp builds for this specific market are always equipped with technologically advanced safety systems designed to protect the mold from incorrect operations or process defects.

After the trial of the tool, Pantostamp can certificate the production with all the dimensional report of the injected parts by inspection made with CMM Optical or Tomography machines.

If requested by the Customer, Pantostamp offers the possibility of having molding parameters for the production start up, as well as customized tests with the Customer’s technicians.