Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Our NYEMED® product line

Lubricants are critical design sub-components that add value to, or enable, breakthrough medical technology. Nye is your partner in selecting and designing the right formulations that serve not only to lubricate, but also to seal, protect, and control motion.

Innovative lubricant solutions for medical technology

At MedtecLIVE, FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GmbH will be presenting its NYEMED® product line, which has been specially developed for medical technology applications.

These specialty lubricants not only reduce friction and wear, but also extend the temperature application range, reduce unwanted noise and improve the haptics and perception by the user.

ISO 13485:2016 certification underlines our commitment to quality and safety. We provide clean production areas, including an ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean room, to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

We know: Every medical device application is unique. That's why we work closely with our customers to provide customized formulations and testing to meet their exact needs.

Discover our NYEMED® product line. Learn how our lubricants can improve the functionality, quality and usability of your medical devices as essential design elements.

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