New TI-330 torque hinge: precision meets design

Actronic-Solutions is expanding its range of torque hinges with the TI-330. Find out how this innovative friction hinge in four torque ratings invisibly revolutionizes your product solutions.

Actronic-Solutions GmbH introduces the latest friction hinge in Reel Precision's TI-300 series: the TI-330 torque hinge. This torque insert fills an important gap in torque grading and offers torques of 1.0 Nm, 1.5 Nm, 2.0 Nm or 2.5 Nm. It integrates invisibly into the rotating axis, providing seamless aesthetics and functionality. Ideal for applications that require a reliable, adjustable resistance torque for a continuously adjustable position over 360°, the TI-330 friction hinge represents a significant improvement in feel, design and technology. Available in four levels, it adapts flexibly to different technical requirements.

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