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MoldGuide: Using digitalization to combat the shortage of skilled workers

With the MoldGuide, you bring knowledge to the object. You offer help for self-help and create added value in the face of the increasing shortage of skilled workers. For you, your employees and your customers - no matter when, no matter where.

Your MoldGuide is as diverse as your business:

  • It is the digital, individual setup or maintenance manual for your injection molding tools or equipment.
  • It is the central know-how pool for all aspects of your manufacturing processes - in which you can store setting reports, error images, maintenance logs, etc. in a revised form.
  • It is the digital replacement for classic operating instructions
  • It offers central access to explanatory videos and tutorials on your products
  • and much more

The MoldGuide adapts flexibly to your requirements. Lean and low-threshold - both for you in the provision and for your customers in daily use.

Here you can find more information about the MoldGuide, including an interview with our pilot customer TriWeFo.

The benefits are always the same:

  • Simple, low-threshold access to knowledge
  • Familiarization, refreshing of knowledge at any time, directly in day-to-day business and on the object
  • Active updating of documents by users
  • Can be implemented in many languages


Processors benefit from the MoldGuide:

  • Errors are preventively avoided
  • Knowledge is shared and accumulates within the company
  • Less loss of know-how due to fluctuation
  • Fast & efficient training of new personnel


Toolmakers and equipment manufacturers benefit from the MoldGuide:

  • Receive an attractive unique selling point
  • Support international customers in their native language
  • Reduce travel and support costs
  • Avoid operating errors and repair costs


Take a look at the MoldGuide live:

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