Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Measuring has never been so easy!

The following attributes of the IM series digital measuring projector speak for themselves: Fast, simple and user-independent. Discover how you can use the measuring projector now!

Time saving: Drastic reduction in the time and effort required for measurement. With conventional methods, the measurement time increases with the number of dimensions to be measured. With the IM series, up to 300 dimensions can be measured in seconds.

Reliable results: The easy-to-use user interface allows the system to be operated at the touch of a button and provides accurate and reproducible measurement results.

Increased efficiency: Measurement data is automatically saved and managed after a part has been measured. Measurement reports can also be generated at the touch of a button, increasing work efficiency after measurement.

Do you want to take your measuring processes to a new level?

Discover the benefits of KEYENCE's IM series now and download a guide to instant measurement for medical applications.