Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Linear solenoids: optimal solutions for varied application demands

Solenoids are primarily on-off actuators - depending on the application, optimized versions are available as very robust short-stroke solenoids for short strokes and high forces, or cylindrical solenoids for long strokes with less force or cost-optimized solenoids (also monostable or bistable)

Depending on the application, we can supply Geeplus linear solenoids in various designs with different properties:

  • Push/pull solenoids: Their ingenious magnetic concept enables very high holding forces with comparatively low power consumption. They are therefore predestined for applications in which the energy balance or heat generation are critical factors. Because the push rod is led out on both sides of the linear solenoid, the (small) "push/pull" linear solenoids from Geeplus are both pulling linear solenoids and pushing (pushing) linear solenoids - although the active direction of movement is always the same. An external force, e.g. in the form of a return spring, is required for resetting. They are used in pinch valves, for example.
  • Tubular solenoids: Cylindrical solenoids are cylindrical solenoids that have a relatively flat force-displacement characteristic due to their design and armature geometry and are therefore suitable for comparatively long strokes (up to 30 mm) Cylindrical solenoids are simple electric actuators or electric cylinders for on/off operation with comparatively small forces.An external force, e.g. in the form of a spring, is required for resetting
  • Tubular solenoids with a particularly flat characteristic curve: the so-called super-stroke solenoids are tubular solenoids with a particularly flat characteristic curve, so that they can be used as a replacement for many pneumatic cylinders because they can be controlled de facto proportionally. This requires an adapted spring, which must be adjusted to the application in terms of stroke, spring constant and preload. In addition to the proportional characteristic curve of these special cylinder solenoids, a very positive side effect is that the super-stroke cylinder solenoids are extremely quiet. This shows the advantages of these miniature electric cylinders for e.g. 12V or 24V, which as electric linear actuators offer many advantages over pneumatic linear actuators, but are still reasonably priced.
  • Open-frame linear solenoids: Due to their simple design, open-frame or frame linear solenoids are the most cost-effective representatives of linear solenoids. Most versions are relatively small, which is why they are also referred to as small solenoids. Actronic-Solutions also offers particularly small miniature linear solenoids. They are used in countless variants in a wide variety of applications, e.g. as locking solenoids, as switching actuators in shutters, etc., which places a wide range of requirements in terms of quantities, delivery time, quality and, of course, price.
  • Self-holding solenoids (monostable/bistable): Self-holding solenoids enable currentless holding in the end position by means of a permanent magnet; with a coil, this results in a monostable solenoid; with a spring, a bistable function can also be realized, but the behaviour in the two end positions is different; if you want to have completely symmetrical bistable behaviour, you need two coils and the peramanent magnet sits in the middle; the disadvantage of such bistable solenoids is that you are bound to the geometry of the solenoid and the stroke is very limited (up to approx. 5mm) - however, there is no spring.

    Most versions are relatively small, which is why they are also referred to as small solenoids. We also offer particularly small miniature solenoids for self-holding solenoids, which are used as shutter actuators in cameras, for example.