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Healthy Commerce – Where eCommerce meets Healthcare!

We connect webshops with customer portals, integrate CRM systems, and establish the appropriate content bypass. Our goal? To create a unique user experience that highlights your products with a healthy dose of technological sophistication and medical expertise.

Anyone who thinks that healthcare eCommerce is all about virtual pharmacy shelves is definitely not looking at the entire field of operations. Let's zoom out together to capture the full panorama of your business. We link webshops with customer portals, connect CRM systems and create the right content bypass. Our goal? To create a unique user experience that puts your products and services centre stage and combines them with a healthy dose of technological sophistication and medical expertise.

With a range of offerings from online product catalogues and Product Information Systems (PIM) to services such as training and education or vouchers and digital services, eCommerce in the healthcare sector is more than just a side issue. B2B eCommerce in the healthcare sector includes after-sales and customer loyalty as well as relevant medical content that not only reaches your target groups, but also creates enthusiasm for your products and services. All of this is particularly important for the medical technology sector, where customer portals, ERP systems, digital product catalogues and online shops often need to be networked in order to ensure a consistent user experience. This is where we come in with our Healthy Commerce principle, in which we can score points for you with your HCP target groups with both technical and medical expertise.

Together we develop the eCommerce platform you need - regardless of system and CMS, whether traditional or headless. Our priority is to give your products the best possible stage and to address your customer base in the best possible way. Security? Standard for us - we emphasise the highest security requirements. Our goal? An eCommerce platform that is as unique as your business. We work with software tools such as Shopify, Shopware and Aimeos.

The service concept for your existing customers must not be neglected either. After the initial order, it is important to enable simple repeat orders and to provide good support for the customer base. We are happy to support you with the migration of your data and the automation of your processes. From new customer onboarding to the harmonisation of your backend processes - let us advise you! In the area of CRM, we cooperate with software manufacturers such as Veeva, SalesForce and Pimcore.

Whether 3D models, interactive manuals, training courses or simply good user guidance: the right content is one of the deciding factors as to whether a purchase is made or not. For decades, we at antwerpes have been developing medical content for the sales force that not only informs, but also convinces and helps with sales. Now we are bringing this expertise to your shop.

The antwerpes Healthy Commerce principle at a glance:

  • SHOW:
    Here everything revolves around the visibility, presentation and findability of your products
  • SELL:
    This is about the actual sale via the online shop
  • CARE:
    In the truest sense of the word, "taking care of your customers": After sales, cross-selling, up-selling or marketplace integration
    Last but not least: monitoring, tracking, recommendations for action and strategies for future growth

You can find our eCommerce cases here