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FOBA webinars - expert knowledge for laser marking your medical device

Experience innovation in laser marking with FOBA's exclusive webinars. Learn from experts and deepen your knowledge of ultrashort pulse lasers, change management in the marking process and vision technologies.

FOBA webinar: ULTRA in all categories - FOBA's new ultrashort pulse laser

Do you have sensitive materials and are you looking for the right marking laser? Then an ultrashort pulse laser could be the right choice for you. The marking laser with pulse lengths in the femtosecond and picosecond range is often used in medical technology and is the right choice when deep black, non-reflective marking that is particularly gentle on materials is required. However, its flexibility also makes it interesting and relevant for various applications in other industries. In this webinar, laser marking expert Quang Son Tran will introduce you to FOBA's ultrashort pulse lasers and show you application examples from our customers. What was the task and how was it solved?
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Preventing corrosion during laser marking – Practical application experience

Laser marking on metals like titanium or stainless steel can cause corrosion in the lasered areas. But only if corrosion is prevented, the direct mark on a medical device will remain durable throughout its lifetime. In addition, particle emission can only be prevented if the surface is intact, so that biocompatibility can be guaranteed, e.g. of an implant.
Therefore, direct marking of medical devices should be understood as a multi-stage process that is not completed with laser marking alone. Rather, pretreatment, passivation and cleaning are among the surface treatment steps that are necessary to prevent corrosion. In order to ensure all the normative aspects, a process validation should also be performed to achieve UDI-compliant code marking. 
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FOBA webinar: These 3 vision technologies will change your laser marking experience

When it comes to reducing waste and increasing productivity with maximum precision and process reliability, integrated camera systems in marking lasers are indispensable. To ensure these conditions, we would like to introduce you to our three vision systems "MOSAIC", "IMP-Intelligent Mark Positioning" and "Point and Shoot". These solutions ensure that the marking laser marks the correct component and check the laser marking directly after marking. In addition, our patented MOSAIC software feature makes it easy to mark your product without expensive and time-consuming product fixtures.
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