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Our high-grade titanium products offer high-quality solutions for the manufacture of implants, prostheses, instruments and more.  Visit us at MedtecLIVE and see for yourself.

Titanium is a natural choice for dental and medical implants because it is considered non-toxic, biocompatible, immune to corrosion by body fluids, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and good fatigue properties.

Titanium is also non-ferromagnetic, which means that people with titanium implants can continue to use magnetic medical devices such as MRIs.

Titanium is regularly used in cardiology devices for pacemaker housings, lead wires, and vascular stents.

Titanium can be anodized to create a non-reflective surface, which is a useful property for use in surgical instruments because it prevents glare under surgical lights. It is durable and can withstand repeated sterilization without degrading the surface quality while retaining its sharp edge.

The unique properties of titanium and its alloys will enable the development of bioactive implants, prostheses, and instruments in the future.