Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Digital servo controllers and stepper motor drives are more than just amplifiers

They have integrated sequence control for pre-programmed motion blocks or communicate with the higher-level controller in a decentralized control architecture via bus systems such as CANopen or EtherCAT.

The servo controllers and stepper motor controllers from Copley Controls are modern, modular digital servo amplifiers and stepper motor amplifiers that have been developed for operation on different voltages:

230Vac supply (single-phase or three-phase)
9Vdc - 180 Vdc (slightly different depending on type)

All Copley servo controllers or stepper motor controllers are parameterized using the very convenient and powerful CME2 software. The integrated indexer functionality makes it possible to control individual axes completely, whereby communication with individual commands in ASCII format via the RS-232 interface is possible, as well as the pre-programming and storage of entire programs and their control via inputs.

Various controllers also have a +/-10V interface and can therefore easily be used as a digital replacement for many analog servo amplifiers in central control concepts.

The modular servo amplifiers and/or stepper motor amplifiers are equipped with a CAN interface as standard (CANopen, DSP402 profile). The new Plus versions with FPGA also offer an optional EtherCAT interface. The connection of these two fieldbus systems opens up new possibilities for automation concepts with distributed intelligence.

In general, the modular servo amplifiers and/or stepper motor amplifiers from Copley Controls have the following features:

  • Efficient control: Vector control
  • efficient commissioning: CME software with oscilloscope and auto-tuning and auto-phasing
    Simple integration into central control concepts: +/-10V and/or PWM current/speed specification
  • optional pulse/direction interface as position setpoint
  • Powerful indexer via RS232 interface (programs can also be addressed via I/O)
  • Simple integration into distributed control concepts: CANopen (optional CANopen libraries for C++ (data sheet CML) and COM objects (data sheet CMO) or EtherCAT
  • Various encoder options: Halls, digital incremental encoder / sine encoder / resolver (via serial converter), absolute encoder (BiSS, SSI, EnDat 2.2, HD, Tamagawa, Panasonic, Sanyo Denki, Nikon, Hiperface (with external supply))

Data sheets can be found here: