Product MedtecLIVE 2024

CatheterFlex® - Medical Applications

Application: Extended-length flex circuits to replace conventional wire technology in medical catheters. All Flex is teaming up with medical device manufacturers to revolutionize catheter designs.

Today's state-of-the-art designs may include small Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs) with electrode pads mounted to the mapping baskets, but they have been limited to only 6 or 8 electrodes.

Using All Flex's innovative multi-layer CatheterFlex® technology designers can increase the density of the FPC, allowing for an increase in the electrode count (up to 64 electrodes or higher). These fine-line FPCs can run the entire length of the catheter and into the proximal handle with continuous, uninterrupted traces.

Specific Improvements Include:

Increased mapping and ablating resolution:

  • Increased electrode count
  • Controlled impedance

Reduced assembly cost:

  • Eliminates thin wire bundle attachment
  • Reduces assembly labor time
  • Avoids wire entanglement and miss-connections

Increased reliability:

  • Reduces the number of solder joints and material transitions

Minimal size and intrusion:

  • Stacking multiple layers of FPCs without interconnects reduces the bulk that limits the minimal catheter diameter

Mainline Production

  • Multi-layer construction up to 4 conductive layers
  • Conductor density of 4 mil (100 µm) trace and space
  • Extended length up to 64" (1.6 m) total

State-of-the-Art Advanced Circuits

  • Multi-layer construction up to 8 conductive layers
  • Conductor density of 2 mil (50 µm) trace and space
  • Extended length up to 108" (2.75 m) total.

Disclaimer: Data presented for informational purposes only. Actual values and/or usage is for reference. Contact All Flex for details.