Interview MedtecLIVE 2024

Capabilities in Silicone and Rubber Parts

KINTAT has experienced continuous growth in Silicone and Rubber Parts offerings and markets for over 40 years. We are certified with ISO9001, then ISO14001, later on ISO16949 for the company's automobile parts, and ISO13485 for medical silicone parts.

Certified Clean room

Molding section and further enhanced our product quality by developing a Class 100,000 certified clean room. Our clean environment allows us to continue in producing high quality electronics appliances, medical and baby products in particular.

Engineering Support

Provide assistance to customers designing in materials on the front end of projects.

Our Engineers share their years of product knowledge and vast experience in suggesting materials and product solutions to fit your specific application requirements.

Automated and semi-automated production

Established a number of automated and semi-automated production lines to meet the large volume of customer needs and technical requirements of high-quality products in current.