Product MedtecLIVE 2024

BKB Precision – the plastics machining company for the MedTech Industry

At BKB Precision, we are the plastics machining company for the high-tech industry. Our core activity is accurately CNC machining (turning, turning-milling, and milling) high-quality plastics with precision up to 3μm. We make the seemingly impossible possible in plastic machining.

At BKB Precision, we are the leading specialists in plastic machining for the high-tech industry. Our core competence lies in precise CNC machining (turning, milling, and turn-milling) of high-quality plastics to an accuracy of up to 3 μm. As one of the largest plastic machining companies in the Netherlands, we stand for precision, quality, and reliable solutions in plastic machining. We make the almost impossible possible in plastic machining.

With our extensive machinery, we process plastics in an innovative and leading way. By using advanced technologies and the expertise of our employees, we bring high-quality custom plastic parts and products to life. At BKB Precision, we specialize not only in machining but also in welding, bonding, polishing, laser marking, assembling, and cleaning plastics.

Types of Plastics

We are specialists in the high-quality machining of high-performance and technical plastics and are active in various high-tech market segments. Over the past 40 years, we have developed into the largest specialized plastic machining company in the Netherlands. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are happy to work with our customers to think about manufacturability, design, and the right choice of plastic.


Corporate social responsibility is an important principle for BKB Precision. We anchor this in our daily activities and take responsibility for people and the environment together with our suppliers, customers, and employees. For example, we drew up a CO2 report in 2022 and have been working hard on a sustainability report in 2024 with a focus on the most relevant topics. Of course, our ambition goes further, and we will continue to invest in this in the coming years.

The BKB Group

In April 2022, BKB Precision took a significant step towards future growth and market positioning with the takeover of ANKRO Kunststof Verspaning in Werkendam, a trusted partner in the production of plastic parts for the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, medical, analytical, and printing industries, among others. Together we formed the BKB Group, which was joined by BLW Kunststoffen in Nuenen in December 2023.