Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Automated AI Quality Inspection with AI.SEE™

Discover the next level of quality assurance: AI.SEE™ revolutionizes visual inspection processes with advanced AI technologies, enhancing precision and efficiency in quality control.

In the highly regulated and precision-focused world of medical technology, producers face the enormous challenge of meeting stringent quality and safety standards. AI.SEE™ is the solution that meets these requirements by utilizing deep learning to automate the quality assurance process while ensuring compliance with these standards. With the ability to detect even the smallest irregularities, AI.SEE™ helps companies reduce manual labor and ensure consistently high quality.

Your advantages:

  • Fast and seamless integration: AI.SEE™ is specifically designed for the requirements of medical technology and can be quickly integrated into existing production facilities without disrupting ongoing production. This easy implementation allows you to benefit from improved quality control immediately.
  • Microscopic precision: Advanced image processing and deep learning detect even the smallest irregularities and defects that are invisible to the human eye.
  • Reduction of waste and rework: By early detection of quality deviations, AI.SEE™ helps reduce scrap and costly rework. This not only saves costs but also shortens the time to market.
  • Data-based process optimization: AI.SEE™ continuously collects data and provides valuable insights that can be used to optimize production processes further. This leads to a continuous improvement in product quality and efficiency.

Visit us in Hall 1 at booth 941 to learn more about AI.SEE™ integration and application possibilities and discover the AI potential for your production.