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Announcing the launch of "SafeGuard" TPU packaging solutions for the orthopaedic implant industry!

Ensure your orthopaedic implant packaging is "Safe". "Guard" against package failures. You can trust "SafeGuard" when you need robust and reliable TPU protective packaging solutions!

AQF Medical is Europe’s leading manufacturer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) protective packaging solutions.

 We place particular focus on areas of the health industry where innovation, integration, and speed to market can drive substantial change for improving human health. Our Safeguard TPU packaging solutions are manufactured in our ISO Class 8 cleanroom and are designed to protect a wide range of medical devices.

With its excellent mechanical, puncture and abrasion properties, Safeguard TPU protective packaging is an ideal material for use in many orthopaedic device applications. AQF’s Safeguard TPU is ISO 10993 biocompatible.

Safeguard TPU exhibits excellent hydrolysis and fungus resistance. Therefore, Safeguard TPU is recommended for applications that have continuous exposure to water and high humidity environments.

 Key applications of Safeguard protective packaging include:

  • Knee implants
  • Hip implants
  • Spine implants
  • Pedicle screws
  • Osteotome blades

SafeGuard protective TPU packaging for hip, knee, & spinal implants. 

Our ISO Class 8 cleanroom manufactured Safeguard TPU packaging solutions provide excellent puncture and abrasion resistance. Our packaging solutions are also compatible with ETO, Gamma, E-Beam and Autoclave sterilisation processes.

With our team of professionals, we boast extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing cleanroom protective packaging solutions for our global orthopaedic customers. Among these are hip, knee, and spine implant packaging solutions