Product MedtecLIVE 2024

A software platform for the Project and Portfolio Management of the future

In a constantly changing business world, companies are facing new challenges triggered by globalization, digital transformation and increasingly disruptive competition.

Faced with numerous challenges, many companies are striving to increase their agility and responsiveness. But to do so, they need a new architecture for managing information and communication to ensure that collaboration along the value chain runs smoothly. What's more, the next generation of digitally native end users expect a completely new software experience. This is where traditional project management software reaches its limits. Rigid user interfaces and a lack of adaptability make collaboration in agile and integrated teams difficult. Many companies are therefore looking for software that is flexible and adaptable.

Get off to a flying start with cplace and Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management

In this context, cplace plays a decisive role. The software platform for Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management supports large companies in successfully managing complex projects across the company. cplace enables companies to react flexibly to the demands of the modern business world and strengthen their competitiveness.

The cplace technology is unique and the key to success for modern project and portfolio management.

  • Reliable data in a shared system (single source of truth): users can rely on the data being up-to-date at all times and that everyone in the company can access it. Interfaces and connectors ensure the secure exchange of information with other existing systems in the company. This makes everyday project work easier and connects teams and departments across software boundaries. | Produktplattform

  • Real-time adjustments: the majority of users still work in Excel. However, Excel is inflexible, undynamic and error-prone. With cplace, users can make adjustments themselves and see changes in real time. In cplace, even people without technical expertise can design company applications themselves within a short space of time - without having to rely on the internal IT department. | cplace-individualisieren

  • Designed for Big Enterprises: cplace is a software for the enterprise environment. It not only offers the necessary security and scalability, but also integrates seamlessly into existing system landscapes. With its sophisticated roles and rights concept and secure deployment, cplace is the ideal solution for large companies. | enterprise-governance

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