Interview MedtecLIVE 2024

"100 per cent medical technology"

Key Account Manager Silke Ludwig and Sales Manager Jessica Nether make up the MedtecLIVE sales team and are two of its most recognisable faces. We wanted to know from them what exhibitors and visitors can expect at the next edition in Stuttgart from 18 to 20 June 2024.

Dear Silke, dear Jessica, what can visitors to MedtecLIVE look forward to?

Silke Ludwig: 100 per cent medical technology, compact and concentrated in a modern hall with a great atmosphere, exciting exhibitors from start-ups to large corporations, an interactive supporting programme for all participants and lots of networking opportunities.

Jessica Nether: Personal networking is very important to us. We want to give the industry a platform, but also boost innovation and the exchange of ideas. And where better to find out about business plans and put new business partners through their paces than at a trade fair party? That's why there will be another networking evening on the second day of the fair, 19 June. And there will also be something suitable for the football fans among the exhibitors and visitors - the European Championships in Germany begin in mid-June. The details are still being planned.

What are the main themes of the trade fair this time?

Silke Ludwig: The heart of MedtecLIVE is of course our exhibitors with their products and services, their ideas, their innovations and solutions for the challenges facing the industry. The focus will also be on topics such as automation, digitalisation and the circular economy in the development and manufacture of medical technology. We will also be focussing on 3D printing, the use of AI in medical devices, production topics and important regulatory developments such as the MDR. The focal points are therefore geared towards the current needs of the industry.

Jessica Nether: In the MedtecLIVE supporting programme, we are once again planning various sessions from our partners with experts on the focus topics already mentioned by Silke. The exhibitor presentations, which provide a good overview of the industry's capabilities, will be given a great platform on a stage. In addition, the Young Innovators stand, our start-up area, in conjunction with the contest, offers an excellent opportunity for young companies to talk to industry experts.

Is there still space available on the stand?

Jessica Nether: The preparations are all going in the direction of acquiring exhibitors. So far, we are well within the timeline we have set ourselves. We still have free spaces and registrations are possible until 30 April 2024. 

Silke Ludwig: However, anyone who has fixed placement requests or can only participate in fixed stand sizes or shapes should contact us as soon as possible so that we can fulfil all customer requests!

Can you already announce which exhibitors will be taking part?

Silke Ludwig: The re-booking was of course a great opportunity, especially for our long-standing exhibitors, to choose their preferred location in Hall 1 in Stuttgart. Many companies took advantage of this. But we are also pleased to welcome a large number of new companies. And, of course, the joint stands are once again a major attraction for many exhibitors. Compared to the last event, some of the areas here are significantly larger. All in all, we are very satisfied with the current situation.

MedtecLIVE is known for its exciting forms of presentation. Last time, for example, a complete production line was set up. What can visitors look forward to next June?

Jessica Nether: We will be offering guided tours on our focus topics of digitalisation, automation and the circular economy. Interested exhibitors can become part of these guided tours and present their solutions and provide impetus. These tours will be led by experts from the respective industry. In addition, we are currently still planning how we will set one or two highlights. One thing is clear for us: the focus is on maintaining and expanding our network. Because everyone speaks medical technology at MedtecLIVE.

MedtecLIVE has six main topics from which exhibitors can choose. Can you already estimate which will be the top 3 in 2024?

Jessica Nether: If we look at our registration data at the moment, "Processes, Engineering & Manufacturing" is clearly in the lead, closely followed by "Materials & Components" and "Services" in third place. 

MedtecLIVE with T4M has become MedtecLIVE - what's behind the name change?

Silke Ludwig: The name was simply too long and too unwieldy. And if we as trade fair organisers feel that way, how did our exhibitors and visitors feel about it? But it was also never quite clear who or what the trade fair actually is. This is certainly also due to the past. That's why we decided to change the name. Just short and crisp.

Suppose we had a time machine and you could get in: What would a trade fair of the future look like for you, let's say MedtecLIVE 2030?

Jessica Nether: Phew, that's a good question, we don't have a crystal ball in the office yet. But what we keep hearing from customers is how important it is to make contact with new customers or to get to know new contacts for your personal network. That's what it's all about and we offer a platform for this - now and in the future.

Silke Ludwig: I'm also sure that digitalisation will continue to occupy us as trade fair organisers, even if the focus is always on personal exchange. But the networking and exchange of information doesn't end after three days.

Jessica Nether: That's exactly what makes trade fairs so exciting. Not only the appointments that are arranged in advance, but also the chance encounters at trade fairs and, of course, at MedtecLIVE.

Thank you very much for the interview!