Yamaichi Electronics

Short description

Yamaichi Electronics is an established manufacturer of high-quality connectors and other connectivity solutions. We are known in the global market for our reliable electromechanical components in demanding applications in various markets such as medical technology.

Range of products

  • M Electronic components
  • M Other components
  • P Automation
  • M Testing systems

About us

Metallic Circular Connectors with Push-Pull Locking


The Y-Circ P series with push-pull locking "made in Germany" is ideally suited for medical applications. The chrome-plated metal housing is washable, sterilisable and proves itself on visually demanding devices. The protection class ranges from IP54 to IP68. The high-quality turned contacts ensure high-speed data transmission and high currents. The system has at least 5,000 mating cycles. The online configurator helps with the right combination and generates the corresponding type number for easy ordering. https://configurator.yamaichi.de


For medical technology applications, we also offer other contacting solutions, such as the high-precision flexible printed circuit board YFLEX made of LCP substrate, which always functions perfectly due to its excellent hygroscopic properties, even with strong temperature fluctuations and high humidity.

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