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VC999® Medical is a division of VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG based in Herisau, Switzerland. VC999® Medical offers a globally unique, complete packaging process with its own packaging validation for Tyvek, vacuumable PAPE and paper/film pouches.


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  • P Clean room
  • P Packaging
  • P Packaging technology
  • M Validation

About us

VC999 Medical® is a business unit of VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG specializing in medical packaging. Since 1971 one of the most important manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines worldwide.

VC999 packaging machines are developed and designed in the owner-managed Swiss family business in Herisau/Switzerland. Production takes place in Switzerland and the USA. VC999® is represented in over 70 countries worldwide and has a large number of own sales companies (CH, DE, A, Benelux, CAN, MEX, COL, USA, partner company in SGP).

Our customers are global key players as well as medium and small sized companies facing the requirements of the new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Our experts have decades of experience in regulatory requirements and the sterile packaging environment.

Our globally unique offering:

High Speed packaging machines together with our own packaging validation for all common medical packaging materials such as Tyvek®, vacuumable PAPE and paper/film pouches with a shelf life of up to 10 years, we offer you a globally unique complete packaging process without having to perform time-consuming and cost-intensive packaging validation yourself. MDR compliant and certified according to DIN EN 13485:2016.

This means our customers receive our machines, pouches and our "state of the art" packaging validation and can start sterile packaging immediately.

We make the difference - VC999® Medical - your leading partner for packaging processes!