SurFunction GmbH

Short description

SurFunction GmbH uses a new laser structuring technology, called DLIP (“Direct Laser Interference Patterning”), for surface functionalization. The possibilities are endless, be it in the areas of medicine, mobility, energy, or mechanical engineering.

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Range of products

  • D Studies
  • D Prototyping
  • M Nanotechnology
  • P Surface functionalization/treatment
  • P Laser processing

About us

SurFunction - pioneer of responsible surface technologies

Surfaces are everywhere, they shape the world we live in. All we see are surfaces. We believe that nature creates the best and most sustainable surfaces, be it the lotus effect, a butterfly or the efficiency of a shark skin. That’s exactly where we start.

Operating since 2021, we are focusing on the industrialization of “Direct Laser Interference Patterning Technology”, which makes it possible to transform natural phenomena into attractive industrial solutions. With this technology we can project a variety of environmentally friendly surface structures onto almost any material. We create low-friction surfaces, make them antibacterial, control wetting or reduce wear.

ELIPSYS, the newest breakthrough from SurFunction, is a completely new generation of DLIP technology and combines a variety of advantages in the smallest possible modular optical unit: Extreme speeds (up to 1000 times faster), maximum robustness for industrial use thanks to a depth of field that is up to 100 times greater as well as the possibility of using the latest laser technology down to the femto-second range. Further advantages include the compatibility of the ELIPSYS class with other complementary and conventional surface processes. Not only can existing DLIP applications run more efficiently, but completely new areas of application can also be opened up - for example in direct robotics applications. The ELIPSYS class therefore represents a completely new generation of surfaces.

SurFunction is the key to revolutionizing products and a partner for surfaces with impact.