Short description

Specialized in engineering and construction of assembly and testing systems, Samac offers custom turn-key solutions for every customer.

Range of products

  • D Contract development
  • D Process design
  • D Other design
  • I Software development
  • I Software
  • I Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • I Machine-Machine Interface (MMI)
  • P Automation
  • P Robot systems
  • P Packaging
  • M Analyses
  • M Testing systems
  • S Other services

About us

Since 1975 Samac, a worldwide provider of automation solutions for assembly and testing processes, has done its best to help every customer meet his productivity, quality and safety goals thanks to its 100% custom equipements.

Ensuring the best possible service, from the pre-sales, to the engineering and until the after-sales phases, is its guideline all along the relationship with each customer and it wouldn't be able to do so without its everlasting desire to find innovative and more fitted solutions every time.

With two production plants and a continously growing service partnerships all over the world, Samac know-how is applicable to various industrial sectors: automotive, medtech, white goods, home automation, consumer goods and others.

For Samac doing all of this without caring for the environment and the people who live in it would not be possible; for this reason it's certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.