Minivalve International B.V.

Short description

Fluid Control Components for OEMs.

Range of products

  • D Prototyping
  • M Microtechnology
  • M Nanotechnology
  • M Pumps
  • M Valves
  • M Other components
  • P Plastics processing
  • P Mold making
  • P Clean room
  • P OEM

About us

Minivalve International designs, manufactures, and distributes miniature self-actuating valves and valve components, including one-way check valves, pressure-relief valves, access valves, and dispensing valves. Our catalog includes Duckbill valves, Umbrella valves, Cross-Slit valves, and many more. Applications include PPE, breathing masks, pumps, respirators, ventilators, trocars, and hemostasis valves for catheter introducers. Whether you need a standard or custom valve, we’re your valve experts.