The content marketing offer of MedtecLIVE

Reach exhibition visitors even after the exhibition - without any effort!

MedtecLIVE is more than an exhibition. MedtecLIVE is also the digital Content-Platform of the industry.

With MedtecLIVE you can reach the visitors in a targeted manner all year round. To do this, we monitor your existing content channels, such as your blog or newsletter, and automatically send your content to the people that are relevant for you. We do this on the platform and in personalised updates by email. 

Like this, you achieve your year-round marketing goals easily and efficiently via MedtecLIVE.

Take 70 seconds to watch the video and find out how it works:

The right package for you on MedtecLIVE

Choose your digital presence to optimally achieve your yearly marketing goals. You will find detailed information below. Our specialists will be happy to support you in choosing the right package.

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Package 365 Prominence 365 Success 365 Starter Basic Entry
Price (net plus VAT)

3.495,00 €*

*Price for non-exhibitors
3.995,00 €

1.595,00 €*

*Price for non-exhibitors
1.995,00 €

595,00 €*

*Price for non-exhibitors
995,00 €


0,00 *

*included in marketing service with stand registration

Benefit Stand out as a prominent supplier to the medical technology industry at MedtecLIVE and achieve your year-round marketing goals - without any effort. Actively reach your target group with exciting posts and events and generate traffic and leads - without any effort.  Create and share content that will reach visitors even after the exhibition. You will remain present with your published content for MedtecLIVE 2024 on the year-round digital platform MedtecLIVE.
Exhibitor profile and existing content
Existing exhibitor profile and content stay online until the next exhibition*  
Premium profile with hero image       
Premium exhibitor tile with background image       

New content and reach for 365 days

Publication of posts and events (physical and webinars) incl. lead generation  12 6 0
Featuring of your posts and events in personalized newsfeed and on the start page      
Inclusion of your posts and events in updates by e-mail to visitors       
Preparation of your content
Automatic preparation and publication of suitable posts and events by our content team         
Number of your existing channels (website, blog, social media channels, etc.), which are monitored by our content team for the preparation of posts and events 3 1    
Branding and visibility
Logo ticker on homepage       
Number of posts or events shared via social media by MedtecLIVE 3 1    
Proposal of your company to follow in onboarding for visitors         
Statistics and leads
Exhibitor dashboard with real-time statistics and lead table    


*until the stand confirmation of the subsequent event.


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