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Simplify Patent Work & Accelerate Innovation

With predori, you can experience how easily patent information can be translated into practical action. Through the systematic use of AI, you can simplify patent work and accelerate innovation. Discover revolutionary possibilities & ways to advance the development of your products.

Do you want quick answers to important technical questions?

Experience the future of patent information work! predori paves the way for you to experiment with new techniques and develop innovations.

predori is a PATENT INTELLIGENCE TOOL that makes searching, monitoring & analyzing patents easy through the targeted use of AI. Our tool is an enormous relief for anyone involved with patents and reduces working time many times over. It also makes a major contribution to accelerating innovation and proactively keeping an eye on the market.

predori = simple, accurate & fast


Do you have a question about a technical issue? >> Our AI will answer you within seconds.

With predori you can ask specific questions either to a single document or even to an extensive list of patent documents. Our AI provides contextual, correct and comprehensible answers!


➔ Instant knowledge of the state of the art without the hassle of reading patent documents.

➔ Information from patents becomes easily accessible for all parties involved (IP managers, engineers & patent attorneys) with the smart support of AI

➔ Finding the needle in the haystack - predori makes it very easy and very fast

Working with patent information is easy for our users:

  • find it with ease
  • understand it quickly
  • use it profitably


Hot Topics:

  1. fast information retrieval

  2. overcoming the flood of patents


The predori application is also characterized by its high level of user-friendliness. The intuitive user interface allows anyone, regardless of their expertise, to benefit effortlessly from its comprehensive features. This easy accessibility ensures that valuable information is no longer restricted to expert level but becomes available to every team member to promote collaboration within the team.


7x added value for you:

1.     saves time - a lot of time!

2.     opens up completely new possibilities

3.     makes your IP strategy more efficient

4.     saves a lot of money

5.     shortens communication channels

6.     sharpens the understanding of competitor technology

7.     catapults innovation cycles into new spheres


What seemed impossible yesterday will soon be standard. Our revolutionary tool gives you added value that is probably hard to grasp today. It will radically change the way you deal with patent documents.

Master the flood of patent data and gain targeted information quickly.

Exploit & utilize the full potential of knowledge:

  • Information advantage
  • More freedom of action in development
  • Find the state of the art quickly and easily
  • Accelerate innovations
  • Understand patent phrases better


More freedom of actions in development: Use predori's revolutionary AI workflow to save time in your developments and avoid competition protection laws. Incorporate the highly precise information obtained through fast searches directly into your agile processes.

Achieve together what could not be achieved alone: With the help of predori, you can collaboratively contribute your expertise to IP management. perdori improves collaboration between IP management and development.

Detect property rights at an early stage: Incorporate knowledge about patents into your development in order to circumvent third-party property rights at an early stage.

Read little, but the relevant information: predori prepares information as efficiently as possible to save you unnecessary effort. Give your expert opinion on competitor patents within seconds.


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