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Reduce the overall cost of translating your content

We find efficiency by leveraging content in your projects that has been translated previously. Through technology, linguistics and an excellent human team, we drive future cost savings when encountering repeat terms, and we successfully ensure consistency across projects.

Computer-assisted translation tools (CAT) are software programs that help project managers and professional translators in the translation process. We at SeproTec are at the forefront of using this technology and have a wide range of tools to make sure language specialists achieve maximum efficiency in each translation, including translation memory software and terminological databases.

Translate faster

Translation memories (TMs) are databases that contain segments of original text from the source document (sentences, paragraphs or sentence-like units such as headings, lists or titles) matched to their translations.

We analyze the file that needs translating using the TM and the TM gives us suggestions based on previous translations.

When the translator works in this environment and introduces a sentence they have just translated, the sentence is stored in the translation memory for later recovery whenever the same segment repeats (both within the same text and in other projects).

This analysis classifies "segments" according to matches that run from 0% to 100%. We offer a series of discounts depending on how similar the new and existing segments are (75% to 100% match).

Improve consistency

This technology is so advanced that it allows for identification of banned terms, words the client doesn’t want used in their documentation.

The more content we translate, the more important consistency becomes. It also becomes more and more challenging. By having all of our previous translations stored in the memory, our translators’ linguistic criteria remains consistent across multiple projects from the same client.

Unbeatable team of professional linguists

We are pleased to have qualified certified industry-specific teams of language service professionals and IP experts that ensure your projects are executed flawlessly. All our approved professional translators have advanced translation degrees or an equivalent qualification in another field plus a minimum of five years of documented professional experience in translation. They are native speakers of the target language and have appropriate knowledge of the subject of the project assigned, so are well-versed in the specific terminology and regulatory requirements of the industry. This ensures unparalleled accuracy and compliance.

TMs Benefits – Case Study

Our client, one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world, was undergoing a global corporate-driven transformation to reduce high translation costs.

This chart represents savings generated exclusively from translation memories. 

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