Service MedtecLIVE 2024

Qosina - your one-stop source for single-use components

Qosina is dedicated to ensuring the right fit for your processes. Whether your project is in early-stage development or a mature, commercially available product, we are ready to help you select the components that best fit your technical application.

Our Value-Based Services 

Complimentary Samples 

To facilitate your decision-making process, we offer a liberal sampling policy, providing free samples on most components. This allows you to thoroughly test and evaluate our products before making any investment, ensuring that the selected components seamlessly align with your technical application. 

CAD Models and Regulatory Documentation 

Qosina offers a range of valuable resources to support your design process, including free downloadable 3D CAD models, technical specifications and regulatory documentation. These resources are conveniently accessible on our website and enable seamless integration of components into your designs while ensuring compliance with government and safety regulations. 

Assurance of Supply 

With a track record spanning over four decades, Qosina has established itself as a trusted partner for supply chain management outsourcing. We consistently provide a high service level to our valued customers, showcasing unwavering business continuity through effective supply chain management, demand planning, forecasting and inventories.