Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Precision combined with simple operation - whether in laser marking or 3D printing

3-axis marking, durability, no consumables, inkjet technology, silicone printing materials and water-soluble support material. These are the advantages of our laser marking and 3D printing.

Our industrial marking lasers impress with:

3-axis marking: marking lasers from KEYENCE have 3-axis laser beam control, which allows a larger area to be marked. Component differences can be compensated for and assembly restrictions corrected without having to adapt devices and systems.
Durability: Compared to inkjet or pad printing systems, laser marking does not wear off and does not contaminate the product to be marked.
No consumables: There is no need to buy materials, clean print heads or carry out other routine maintenance, which also helps to reduce the associated maintenance costs.
Whether on plastic, metal or organic material, almost all applications can be successfully solved with KEYENCE lasers.

The advantages of our AGILISTA inkjet 3D printer:

Inkjet technology: Our innovative inkjet technology enables high-precision components with a layer thickness of 15µm. The acrylic material used is extremely resilient and highly stable. It is so flexible that no cracks form even when screws are screwed in.
Silicone printing materials: Silicone rubber can be used as a printing material for particularly flexible components. This enables components with very good restoring forces, compression set and elongation at break.
Water-soluble support material: KEYENCE has successfully developed a water-soluble support material. The material can be completely removed even from small gaps and does not require any chemical additives. It can also be easily removed by hand without damaging the component.