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MedtecLIVE in Stuttgart: Home match for MedicalMountains with perspective

MedicalMountains joint stand sets new record / Daily bus shuttle from Tuttlingen. At the PULSE of medical technology at the MedicalMountains joint stand.

Tuttlingen/Stuttgart - With well over 30 companies on an area of more than 300 square metres, the MedicalMountains joint stand at MedtecLIVE in Stuttgart is setting a new record. From 18 to 20 June, it will be the hub for information, discussions and meetings. A shuttle bus service will be offered from Tuttlingen to Stuttgart on each day of the trade fair. 

The fact that the heart of European medical technology beats in Germany can be felt most clearly in Baden-Württemberg - not least at a trade fair in the state capital. Against this background, being ‘at the pulse of medical technology’ has a double meaning for MedicalMountains GmbH. On the one hand, geographically, with a view to the ‘heartland’ of the industry. On the other hand, in terms of content, with a view to the more than 30 co-exhibitors at stand 1-316. ‘They show what “state of the art” is in medical technology and for medical technology,’ says Melanie Gebel, responsible for events and trade fairs at MedicalMountains GmbH. Be it development, electronics, mechanical engineering, metal and plastics technology, manufacturing processes, handling, cleaning, cleanrooms, packaging, languages or software: the more than 300 square metres of stand space reflect almost the entire process and value chain.

For MedicalMountains GmbH, MedtecLIVE in Stuttgart is a kind of home game. A shuttle bus from Tuttlingen to the trade fair centre and back is offered on every day of the fair. However, MedicalMountains Managing Director Yvonne Glienke emphasises that despite all the regional ties, it is always important to look further afield. Co-exhibitors come from Baden-Württemberg, other federal states, Switzerland and Hungary: ‘Our aim is to strengthen the entire medtech network,’ says Yvonne Glienke, because it is about Europe as a whole as a centre of innovation and industry. The pressure from outside - in terms of international competition - and from within - in terms of regulations - can only be countered by closing ranks. And the more united we present ourselves as an industry, the more impact we can have. ‘The joint stand symbolises achieving great things together,’ the MedicalMountains Managing Director is convinced.

And: MedicalMountains GmbH and the co-exhibitors invite the medtech community to round off the first day of the trade fair together. ‘ The most valuable element of a trade fair is deepening personal contacts and making new ones,’ says Melanie Gebel, looking forward to welcoming guests to stand 1-316 - a real affair of the heart in the heartland of medical technology.

Daily bus shuttle Tuttlingen - Stuttgart - Tuttlingen

During the entire MedtecLIVE trade fair period from 18 to 20 June, a shuttle service will be offered from Tuttlingen to Messe Stuttgart. The bus leaves Tuttlingen at 8.30 a.m.; the return journey is at 5.30 p.m. on 18 and 19 June and at 4.30 p.m. on 20 June. The bus shuttle is free of charge, but please register at this link.

Trade fair visitor tickets

We will also provide you with free codes for visitor tickets to make your visit to the fair even more enjoyable. The code for visitor tickets is: MMMTL24. You can generate your MedtecLIVE visitor ticket here.