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Improve Onboarding - Use eLearning

Expand your expertise efficiently with modern elearning formats. Use the tried-and-tested plastics learning content from Tech2Know or have your internal onboarding content digitized in an attractive way.

eLearning is based on your schedule

Finding good employees is hard enough - so why waste time unnecessarily on inefficient onboarding processes?

With Tech2Know elearning formats, new employees start their professional development exactly when it is ideal for you, regardless of when they join your company. Perhaps on the very first day?

You plan the dates in a way that is optimal for your onboarding process. Stop making compromises just because the dates of external training providers are inconvenient. 

E-learning is flexible

You define the start of the training and you determine the process:

  • Are your employees given the freedom to organize the course themselves? Personal responsibility can have an enormously motivating effect. So think about it. 
  • Alternatively, you can structure the course. One or two fixed appointments a week, one hour each, perhaps even in a specific room. This helps many people to grow into effective self-organization and can stimulate team building.

Whether illness, vacation, a sudden customer request or even short-time working - the Tech2Know eLearning courses always remain flexible and can be seamlessly integrated into day-to-day business.

Especially in times of crisis, this is an attractive option for low-risk investment in personnel and the future.

E-learning is attractive

Your employees will appreciate the flexibility:

  • Control the processing themselves,
  • work at their individual learning speed and
  • interrupt and resume as required,

is greatly appreciated. Small learning success checks provide continuous feedback and show where you stand. The modern media mix appeals to current viewing habits.

Modern training at a modern employer - a cornerstone for your successful employer branding!

E-learning is effective

The typical net completion time of Tech2Know e-learning courses is 6 - 8 hours. However, this is divided into small, self-determined learning phases spread over a period of several weeks.

This is how didactics works!

Repeating content over a longer period of time and thus giving the brain the opportunity to actually internalize the information offered into its own competencies. 

How do you use e-learning?

  • You book as required via
  • You book course contingents and benefit from discounts
  • You integrate Tech2Know learning content into your internal learning platform
  • You have your internal onboarding content attractively digitized and enriched with Tech2Know content
  • ...
  • Do you have other requirements? Let's talk about it!

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