Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Have you heard? We at Gear Motion now also overmold glass

We are proud of this because we can offer our customers and potential new customers great development opportunities through innovative technologies with the patent we have received.

At Gear Motion we always strive to move with the times and stand out from our competitors. Thanks to the patent we have received for glass overmolding, we rely on innovative technologies to offer our customers and potential new customers new opportunities and advantages. In the past, the use of coated surfaces was often problematic because the coatings could easily break and crack due to high pressure and temperatures. We can overmold glass surfaces with dimensions of 10x10mm and a thickness of 0.7 to 10mm.

By using pressures of up to 1,500 bar and temperatures of 300°C, glass blanks can also be completely sealed with plastic. For end users, this offers the advantage that several components can be combined into one enclosing unit.

The glass edge is protected and functional elements such as threads and snaps can be integrated. The glasses can also be connected and sealed using plastic multifunctional parts.