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CAN interfaces (USB or PCIe (embedded)) / data logger

CAN converters from KVASER impress with their simple handling, high reliability and fast delivery. Long availability is also guaranteed. In addition to CAN converters with USB, there are also CAN cards with PCI / PCIe for embedded applications.

Reliably recording and transmitting data is a major challenge in more and more applications. Our manufacturer KVASER is one of the market leaders for CAN / CAN FD interfaces and data loggers. Continuous innovation, easy handling, high reliability and fast delivery are the hallmarks of Kvaser. The company also attaches great importance to the long-term availability of its products.

The focus is on CAN converters with USB connection such as the new Leaf v3 (single-channel), which is CAN FD-capable (up to 8 Mbit/s) and can transmit up to 20,000 messages per second with a time stamp resolution of 50 µs; silent mode is also possible. The U100 family can do everything that the Leaf v3 can do, but is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions: reinforced galvanic isolation, IP67, robust housing make it a robust companion for development or service, even in outdoor areas. Other connectors such as USB-C are also available as an option.

Brand new from Kvaser is the highly integrated M.2 PCIe 4xCAN embedded CAN card, which adds four high-speed CAN/CAN FD channels to any host computer with PCI Express connectivity and an available M.2 slot with B or M encoding. The M.2 PCIe 4xCAN card is extremely compact with a footprint of only 22x80mm and a unique height of only 2mm. This was only possible due to the decentralized (off-board) arrangement of the CAN transceivers, allowing them to be placed closer to the CAN networks themselves. This layout maximizes signal quality and integrity. With a timestamp resolution of just 1 μs and a maximum message rate of 20000 msg/s per channel, as well as advanced features such as silent mode, error frame detection and generation, this advanced card with distributed CAN transceivers can be integrated into a variety of embedded systems.

Kvaser offers data loggers and memorators with up to 4 CAN channels for applications in which data from the CAN bus needs to be read out and stored, e.g. for diagnostic purposes.

Of course, there are also corresponding free software tools for commissioning and diagnostics for all CAN modules. Furthermore, drivers are available for Windows and for most products also for Linux. Very helpful training documents on CAN are also available on the KVASER website.