Pantec Biosolutions AG


Pantec Biosolutions AG is manufacturer of high-power lasers and single-frequency laser sources in the range from (0.5 – 5.5) µm for medical and industrial applications. Further we are an Engineering Design House, providing development from the idea up to zero-series under ISO 13485 certification.


  • D Auftragsforschung
  • D Auftragsentwicklung
  • D Prototyping
  • D Prozessdesign
  • D Prozessentwicklung
  • D Sonstiges Design
  • I Hardware
  • I Softwareentwicklung
  • M Elektronische Komponenten
  • M Sonstige Komponenten
  • D Beratung

Über uns

The company is ISO 13485 certified and based in Liechtenstein. We are active in research, development and manufacturing of lasers, optical components, electronics and complete systems, with a focus in the field of medicine.

Our main products are laser sources with related electronic control systems, cooling solutions and optical accessories such as fiber coupling, focusing optics, scanners, etc. Our research and product range include the following types of laser systems:

  • Diode pumped solid state lasers: Er:YAG (2940 nm), Tm:YAG (2020 nm), Er:YLF (2810 nm, Q-switched) laser systems with average laser power up to 100 W and pulse energies up to 9 J.
  • Direct diode lasers and OPO designs: High-brightness, single frequency and compact direct diode lasers in the 1 µm range and in the visible range (e.g. 532 nm or 577 nm) and, in general, OPO systems from (0.5 - 5.5) µm wavelength.
  • Ultrafast laser systems. Compact and low-cost Yb-based ultrafast laser and amplifier systems.

In order to facilitate development and research, we use COMSOL multiphysics in individual areas , e.g. laser design or energy and heat transfer, throughout the entire development process.

Our portfolio includes the following components and services:

  • Lasers and optics
  • Mechanical design
  • System development
  • Advanced diagnosis & AI image processing
  • Device development & prototyping
  • Technical documentation