Zeus ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter von hochentwickelten Polymerlösungen und hilft seinen Kunden seit 1966 bei der Bewältigung komplexer konstruktiver und technischer Herausforderungen. Unsere Polymerlösungen umfassen Schläuche, Schrumpfschläuche und eine Reihe von Spezialprodukten wie Biomaterialien, Monofilamente und vieles mehr.


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Über uns

Zeus is a global leader in advanced polymer solutions, helping customers overcome complex design and engineering challenges since 1966. Our polymer solutions include tubing, heat shrinks, and a range of specialty products such as biomaterials, monofilaments, and many more. A range of value-add services, including product assembly, are also available. Drilling, etching, fillers, flaring, flanging, and more, allow customers to further optimize products to their specific application needs. Additionally, Zeus services for the medical device industry extend to contract design and manufacturing, allowing customers a single source for catheter design, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing. For more than 50 years, customers have depended on our best-in-class quality and technical support, global reach, and high-volume manufacturing capabilities to gain a critical competitive advantage in the market. From concept to commercialization, we are present every step of the way, providing products, services, and solutions that fuel product innovation. 

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